Shade e-Vaping


Shade e-Vaping  E Cig Company Ltd

We hold a full stock of ALL listed items. FREE delivery to your door (Birmingham and Surrounding areas) normally same day. We won't be beaten on Service!!

My mission is to make vaping an enjoyable, understandable experience from the off set.

You can be blinded with unnecessary information. Shade e-Vaping will give you the information you need to get vaping and start saving money!

I started Vaping over 3 years ago. I was sick of waking up and needing 3 fags before my lungs started to work properly, being out of breathe running up the stairs and ultimately spending over £100 a week of cigarettes after already loosing so much of my salary to the Government!

Vaping is fundamentally, is using an e-liquid in an electric e-cigarette that contains a vapourizer. When you take a draw on the e-cig the liquid turns into vapour, you get a 'throat hit' like you do with smoking and the feeling of smoking without the associated health issues and more importantly it is way way cheaper to Vape than to smoke.

There are many many online suppliers selling cheap kits and dangerous liquids. I didn't have a clue where to start but I have researched this for three years and 6 months ago actively started to build a business that could supply good quality (NORMALLY UK MADE) hardware and e-liquid that meet all the relevant standards required.

I am currently working with a Manufacturer to get my own e-cig to market. The Shade-e-Vape will be available real soon!

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