Just over a year ago, I was smoking nearly 2 packs/day.  
While smoking for over 10 years I had tried to quit many times, but always struggled.  Patches, gum, pills - nothing seemed to work.  
I even tried electronic cigarettes back in 2007, yet continued to smoke.  

     My first e-cig kit came from a mall at the low price of $199.99.  
I owned that kit for about 2 days before throwing it away.  It didn't put out much vapor, tasted terrible, and had really poor performance. 

    In 2012, I finally tried a good electronic cigarette, with quality E-liquid.  
What a difference!  I had absolutely no idea that they could be so similiar to the deal deal.  This one actually "smoked" just like my Marlboro Reds!  I was completely blown away.  I switched right over, and that was the last day I touched a cigarette.  I went from spending $400/month on cigarettes, to $40/month vaping.  It was a no-brainer!

    From then on - I was thirsty for knowledge.  I wanted to help share these great things with everyone that I possibly could.  I went through lots of various product testing & countless hours of research trying to find the very best electronic cigarettes, while keeping the cost very minimal for our customers.

    Whether you are completely new to this, or a seasoned veteran, we look forward to making, and keeping you happy.  
Stay safe, and vape on!