Infinite Vapor


Infinite Vapor is an industry leading premium Vapor Device and supply retailer. With 9 shops based in the Midwest, and expansion plans on the horizon, Infinite Vapor is paving the way for safe, effective and innovative vapor device usage.

Long time friends Beecher Vaillancourt and Gavin Rydell, the partners behind Infinite Vapor, were involved in the nightclub and bar industry in previous careers, past experience that made quitting smoking a difficult task, but customer service and public safety their priority. Both former cigarette smokers have quit successfully, exchanging the habit for vaping. Rydell and Vaillancourt feel passionately about the potential of the vaping as a way to becoming Tobacco-Free, and stand by products that they are comfortable selling their customers, friends and family.

The Infinite Vapor brand is built on a mission to encourage a tobacco-free lifestyle through providing consistent education about the vaping industry, and a commitment to supplying reliable, high-quality, vetted products. We want our customers to understand exactly what they are consuming and how to correctly consume it. We’ll even recommend a level of nicotine based on personal goals for tapering off nicotine or changing dependence.

Infinite Vapor carries Hells Vapors vapor liquids, manufactured safely in the USA by the experienced biochemists of Global Vapory. We carry all 46 Hells Vapors flavors currently, with specialty lines on the way. In the near future, Infinite Vapor will also carry other local vapor liquids brands and potentially some national brands.

We are not your average vaper device shop. We aspire to building a tobacco-free community, through a product that reduces negative impact on the world. While we recycle vapor liquids bottles (yes! bring them in) and send used wicks and coils to military units for re-building and reusing… our impact is most fully realized by our loyal customers who can consistently rely on quality and innovation.

Infinite Vapor is an independent vapor retailer. Local, uncompromising and proud.

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