High quality NOVO kit ecig starter kit best selling in South Korea,Hot sales $20.99kit

High quality NOVO kit ecig starter kit best selling in South Korea,Hot sales $20.99kit

Novo Starter Kit Description


1.Easy to change of heat wire

2.Easy to clean the atomizer

3.No burned taste, no leakage, easy to inhale

4.Humanized product design

5.Convenient charging,and when charging, it can be used.

6.CE FCC ROHS  are approved

7.Color:Silver and black chrome

8.OEM welcomed


Novo Starter Kit including:


Kit including:

1pc USB cable

1pc AC charger

1pc user manual

2pcs  battery

2pcs clear cartomizer




1 raw material from the green copper, chromium plated on environmental composition (non-toxic, safe, no harm) 
2 cigarette holder shaped like bottle mouth, lips feel very comfortable contacting their 
3. "Reflux slot" play mouthpiece and smoke pipe isolation, smoking helps after a long accumulation of smoke oil, not straight entrance, and play the role of reflux. 
4 can effectively block the smoke oil straight into the mouthpiece into your mouth, suitable for large customers lung capacity and helps direct replacement of heating wire, without the smoke oil smoke tube drained. 
5 'storage tanks' design in heat absorbing cotton yarn at its features can make the product do not often inclined to send the oil, can also play a loss due to lack of oil and dry heating wire burning. 
6. "Negative electricity pipe" stick thin tube inserted directly into the heating wire is positive at the cathode, the outer tube is threaded pipe directly at the anode is the negative spiral thread in heating wire, and its products have been designed to help throw off, nor will lead to poor contact.