Nemesis Mod

  • Product Categories:Nemesis Mechanical Mod
  • Model Number: Nemesis Mod
  • Battery Capacity: 900mah ,1100mah ,2000mah
  • Atomizer Resistance:
  • Package: Gift box
  • Color: ss and copper
  • Size: 73*23mm
  • Leadtime: 3-5 days
  • Payment: Paypal ,T/T , Western Union
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Nemesis Mod


1. Three tubes for 18350, 18500 and 18650

2. Kick ring for kick or two-tone finish look (If used as two-tone, a long contact post is required)

3. Adjustable throw on bottom connection. Tighten to shorten throw, loosen to lengthen throw

4. Top cap has an adjustable pin for the atomizer

5. Bottom cap is screwed in to adjust for battery size

6. There is a small pin in the bottom switch that prevents the switch from spinning


Model: Nemesis Mod
battery 18350/18500/18650
Atomizer thread 510
Voltage: 3.7V-4.2V
Battery Life time: 500 time
Color : stainless steel
Charge Time: 2-2.5 hours


1pc Nemesis Mod
1pc gift box