The First Automatic Sterilization E cigarette—Venus

  • Product Categories:VENUS
  • Model Number: Venus
  • Battery Capacity: 1600mah
  • Atomizer Resistance: 1.6ohm
  • Package: black gift package
  • Color: red/black/blue
  • Size: 18mm*82mm
  • Leadtime: 3-5 working days
  • Payment: Paypal/TT/West Union
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The First Automatic Sterilization E cigarette—Venus

  • Individual flat drip tip, more closely to smoking habit.
  • Green crystal environmental ring, showing the Cofttek idea.
  • Visible Tank Window, which will make it Clear To See The Oil Level.
  • Advanced dual atomizer coils.
  • Novel masculine tooth pattern tube cover.
  • Diamond-cut surface design.
  • Whole Aviation Aluminum Design, arc shape which can further match to human body engineering principle.
  • First E-cig applying the automatic sterilization technology.

  1. 360° automatic sterilization
  2. Patent product
  3. Dual coils
  4. Diamond-cut surface design
  5. Variable voltage 1600mah battery
  6. 1.6 ohm atomizer
  7. 2 ML capacity

Item Name 1
1 Venus Main Battery 1
2 Venus Atomizer 1
3 Decorative Ring 1
4 Cofttek Dual USB Charger 1000mA 1
5 USB Cable 1
6 Sterilization Cleaning Cloth 1
7 Instruction Manual 1
8 Certificates 1
9 Warranty Card 1

Sterilization Cleaning Cloth
Cleaning cloth adopts the 4th global fiber technology.
It has the function of sterilization, anti-virus and eliminating the unusual smell.

The Sterilization of Knowledge
Cofttek - electronic cigarette tube adopts Silver Nano material which can achieve the 360°Anti-bacteria and Sterilization function. This will make a healthier smoking environment.
Nano Ag﹢, is Using nanotechnology to turn metallic silver into nano-crystallization. Under statement of Nano, the surface of the silver ion has been magnified which can advance the sterilization ability. This new technology will eliminate more than 650 kinds of bacterium